Jen Macpherson

I came to Jennifer after having a total knee transplant and was hardly able to walk, even with crutches. After 12 visits I was able to walk with only the need of a cane. Jennifer was very conscientious about the amount of pain I was in as well as the amount of therapy I could endure at each visit. Together with the home exercises she prescribed and the amount of physical activity she recommended I have enjoyed a full recovery. My rehabilitation continues to this day but I got off to a flying start with Jennifer’s help. Lawrence L.
Hi Jen, Your bike fit in October 2015 corrected all the back and knee pains I was developing and made cycling long distances more effective and efficient. I appreciated the customer service of meeting me at a time that was very early, and how the bike fit was rooted in a physiotherapy assessment. The exercises you gave me helped to balance out the imbalances in my hip and core, so I’m sure that’s helped my ride. I recommend bike fittings through the lens of physiotherapy to my fellow cyclists. I’m so glad I found your clinic! Shareen
Hi Jen, I just wanted to touch base on the bike fit… It’s made all the difference in the world! No knee pain at all, I feel much more connected to the bike and that I’m cycling much more efficiently. I haven’t replaced my bars yet, not the budget to do it this season, but will do it for next year’s cycling season. Thank you so much — I’ve been singing your praises to all my cycling friends and highly recommending that they take the time to come and see you. Kim D.
Jennifer, thank you for the bike fitting. My back no longer feels the aches which used to shorten my rides. My knees are no longer sore now that the misalignment that was there before is improved. After the fitting you suggested I check in with you to see if further adjustments needed to be made. So far, so good! Thank you again. John R.
I had previous treatment with the clinic to treat a sports injury. Based on that favourable experience, I selected them for post operative treatment after left knee replacement surgery in Apr 2011. I was fortunate to have Jennifer Macpherson assigned to my treatment, even more so when I found that she was a fellow Ironman Triathlete. As such we had similar history with the training and racing experiences associated with that endurance event. Jennifer’s shared knowledge of pain thresholds and training regime associated with Ironman Racing complemented my determination to optimise the post- operative recovery for the current second (left knee) replacement. Overall, I found her services to be competent, professional, efficient and effective. I commend her services to others with sports related injuries. Geoff A.
Hi Jennifer, I enjoyed our fitting session. Thank you very much for all your great work. I rode 32K last evening and like the changes you made. I did not have the neck strain that I was experiencing and felt stronger on my climbs as my leg and feet alignment were much improved. I am doing the stretches that you have suggested. I look forward to our next session. Good luck on your triathlon. Paul R.