Matt Powell

I wanted to let both you and Matt know that, after many years of getting ready, and a failed attempt in 2009, I completed Ironman Canada in Whistler last weekend. A year ago, deep down, I did not know if this would be possible because of my back. With both of your help and expertise, I was able to get it done, and I wanted to send a sincere message of thanks. I had a really fantastic day. It was a tough slog, but from fairly early in the ride, I had great confidence that I could get it done. I was worried about how my back would hold up on the ride, and while I had some stiffness, overall, it went incredibly well. The course was tough, with a lot of climbing, but as I had expected, this played well for me, as the climbing gave my back a rest. Honestly, I had the ride of my life, and given a slightly low amount of training on the bike, I don’t think I could have ridden any better. Matt, the bike fit you did made a huge difference, and my bike felt so comfortable and fast. The marathon was a slog, but that was to be expected. You both played a huge role in helping me fulfill a very long-term ambition – thank you! Matt Brown
Matt has been my primary physiotherapist for almost 20 years. With tennis and running as my main activities throughout most of my adult life, I have had my share of injuries in addition to chronic congenital ailments like lower back problems. Matt has helped me recover from shoulder and knee injuries from sports, and he has taught me how to maintain an active lifestyle while addressing the chronic issues. He is easy to communicate with and always provides very clear instructions and goals. He has excellent conventional physiotherapy skills (manipulation and exercises) and IMS skills, and effectively uses them to find the optimal treatment for my injuries. One thing I have really appreciate about Matt is that he finds long term solutions and not just quick fixes. Ruby M.
I have been attending West 4th Physio for upper spinal stenosis pain for several months. Through a combination of IMS, manual manipulation and targeted exercises, I have improved and stabilized to the point I can avoid having invasive neck surgery and fusion. I appreciate Matt’s approach in that he is very calm, understands the internal linkage of underlying musculature and how it may be the root cause of pain elsewhere on your body, explains everything along with the anticipated outcome as a result of the treatment. It was reassuring to know I was under the care of an experienced and skilled Physiotherapist who was a competent and confident practitioner of his vocation. I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone needing the services of a Physiotherapist. Paul D.
I have been working with Matt Powell after experiencing a severe back injury. Matt is a fantastic person to work with, always has a great attitude and is easy to talk to. Working with Matt I have had great improvement in my strength and mobility. He is very knowledgeable in a variety of treatment techniques and combines them to ensure the best possible recovery. When he recommends exercises they are always given with clear instructions and good consideration of your current level of ability. I enjoy working with Matt and have had great results. I highly recommend him to anyone in need of physiotherapy. Lorraine W.
Thirty years I was the victim of an auto accident, and, years later, had major back surgery. Since then I’ve suffered from chronic, debilitating pain in my back, leg, and shoulder. IMS treatment from Matthew Powell has made a dramatic difference in my quality of life and has enabled me to get in control and largely eliminate the pain. The IMS treatments are a life-saver! I’m again able to hike, weight train, and bike ride and I feel healthy. Matt has taken the time to understand my physical problems and to make sure I understand the process of recovery. Bruce Miller, Professor, UBC
Matt, I wanted to thank you for the tremendous improvement in my health and for stopping the pain that plagued me for nine years! I continue to be active and have significantly done away with the antidepressants I had started taking during my years of chronic pain. I am following the exercise and gentle yoga you recommended and am forever grateful for the improvement in my quality of life. Pam P
Matt, you have been instrumental in helping me to obtain a quality of life and sustained ability to compete in sports at a high level that I don't believe I would otherwise have achieved without your help. So many physios just do a little stretching, massage and then expect ultrasound and heat to do the rest. I really never got much of anything from those sessions. I ALWAYS get something from your sessions. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Dan H
Matt was excellent. A very different approach than I have experienced before. He explains things and I was so happy to not be put on a machine and left for 20 minutes like so many others. Restored my faith in these practitioners. Dave B.