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Something different for the blog this month. West 4th Physio associate Marj Belot brought this to our collective attention. This is an excellent initiative that we hope readers will support. We have included the Health Canada recommended activity guidelines in our online library. Please feel free to download them (or tactfully pass them on to those you think could benefit!). They are available here:  http://www.west4thphysio.com/resources/library

Help Canadians find credible weight management resources: Support COACH
The Canadian Obesity Network (CON) is currently working with its partners,
members and the public to launch the *Canadian Obesity Awareness and Control
Initiative for Health (COACH)*.

COACH’s goals will be:

1) To provide Canadians with reliable information on the causes,
consequences and treatment of obesity.

2) To help Canadians identify credible obesity management resources in their
health systems and communities.

It’s a simple idea – to be able to point people living with excess weight in
the direction of reliable local resources to manage their condition, and
away from the confusion caused by an unregulated weight loss industry and
misinformation on the Internet.

*CON needs your support to make COACH a success.* Add your support to COACH
by clicking the link below, and let our funders and partners know that you
agree the time has come to provide clear guidance on weight management for
Canadians. Share the link with your colleagues, patients, clients, family
and friends, and let’s create a groundswell of support for this much-needed

Click here to access the COACH support page.

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