Healthy running

This running tip was specifically written for Vancouver Frontrunners and comes
from Suzanne Foster, a Physiotherapist with West 4th
Physiotherapy( whose practice is heavily focused on
runners. Thanks Suzanne!

Start off on the right foot!

Did you know that 50% of runners are injured every year? Even now with all the
advanced technology out there dedicated with perfecting the running shoe and the
time and money spent on different kinds of treatment, the incidence is still
increasing!  We all know that whether you are an athlete, runner, or jogger, at
some stage in your training you have suffered an injury that has stopped you
from running.  This can be a challenge and the best way to avoid this is
preventing the injury in the first place!

Too often than not panicked runners limp into the clinic wanting a quick fix so
that they can carry on with the same intensity, volume, and duration of training
all the while not addressing the underlying cause of the running injury. As
physiotherapists we are expertly trained to analyze body mechanics and movement
as well as the intrinsic (alignment, flexibility, strength, tissue frailty) and
extrinsic factors (training surface, environment, footwear) at work as we run.
Whether or not you have any pain or symptoms a physiotherapist can assess your
gait, flexibility, and strength to identify weaknesses that may present as a
future concern or injury down the road. There are several treatments to address
these weaknesses such as proper stretching techniques, core stability education
and training, orthoses, taping, manual therapy, and needling techniques such as
acupuncture and intramuscular stimulation.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the prevention and treatment of
running injuries please contact me at []
or 604-730-9478.

Remember that surrounding yourself with the right professionals and especially
ones that are runners themselves, is a key to your success in staying
Happy running!

Suzanne Foster BA Psych, BSc PT, CAFCI (Acupuncture), IMS, MCPA

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