Bike fitting in the clinic

I had a trip up to Kelowna this past weekend to participate in a professional seminar on bike fitting. The sport of road cycling continues to grow for various reasons. Always popular in the past, it is now attracting a large group of people who don’t feel inclined to do a lot of running anymore but want to continue to be physically active. Plus, you get to go really fast! With the success of  events such as the Grand Fondo, The Ride to Conquer Cancer and increasing membership in cycling clubs throughout the lower mainland I am seeing an increase in the number of patients needing care of cycling related injuries. Mostly related to overuse, faulty training techniques but with the occasional crash thrown in.

A major part of preventing overuse injuries on the bike is correct fitting of the rider to the bike and the choice of the right size frame in the first place. As a physio I have the added advantage in fitting of being able to quickly work out whether discomfort in riding is a problem with the rider, with the fit or with the bike itself.

All that being said I’m happy to say that both myself and my colleague Jen MacPherson are Level 1 bikefitters and are doing fits in the clinic. There are more details in our Bikefit brochure available here. W4PT Bike Fit

If you are wanting to ride but struggling with form or discomfort think about having a fit done. You can make an appointment by phoning the clinic.

Please feel free to hand this on to someone you feel may benefit.

See you out riding!


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