Ride to Conquer Cancer

Each year we look at where we can offer support through volunteering and community service. The Ride to Conquer Cancer is an event that we keep coming back to as a worthy cause and a great match for our skill set. It has fast become an annual event, raising millions of dollars for cancer research and introducing hundreds of people to the joys of cycling and physical activity in general.

On June 16th and 17th this year the ride again goes from Vancouver to Seattle with an alternate extended route provided for the first time to provide more experienced riders with an extra challenge. Distances ridden vary from 120 – 150km for each of Saturday and Sunday.

West 4th Physio staff Matt Powell and Jen Macpherson will again ride the route as medical/first aid volunteers. We always hope to have not much to do but that is not usually the case! Lots of aches and strains, some road rash and scrapes, shoulders that don’t appreciate a fall are typical stuff for the day. We then spend two to three hours in the medical tent doing physio work for those who have struggled on day one, eat a good meal and get up early to do it all again.

The ride finishes in Kirkland, Seattle with a tremendous welcome for all the riders. This year we have several West 4th Physio clients riding, some for the first time. I sincerely hope to not be offering you assistance during the ride but come and say hi at the medical tent in the evening.

Safe cycling to all and keep the rubber side down. See you in Seattle.

Matt and Jennifer

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