IFOMPT manual therapy update

I recently attended the IFOMPT congress in Quebec City.  IFOMPT is the International Federation of Manipulative Physiotherapists It is an organization that was formed to promote high standards amongst physical therapists practicing manual therapy in the field of orthopaedics (http://www.ifompt.com).

Every 4 years, the top manual physical therapists from around the world, gather to share information and techniques with their colleagues.  I participated in an Explain Pain course from David Butler, the founder of the Neuroorthopaedic Institute in Australia (http://www.noigroup.com) and was not disappointed. No one is able to make pain neurophysiology come alive like Dave, but I am committed to trying!

There were meetings and workshops for Canadian manual therapy instructors and I even got to attend an instructor workshop that included instructors from multiple countries.

There were some very interesting case studies presented, including a teenager with spinal cord symptoms from a rugby hit. Thanks to his persistent physiotherapist, Judy Rebbeck, it was determined he had a congenital  vulnerability at C1 that was missed on his CT scan.  He was allowed to heal in a collar, advised to change sports and had a full recovery!

The conference, itself was 5 days and was packed with opportunities for learning and networking with physiotherapists from around the world.  I am already planning to go to Glasgow in 2016!

Marj Belot

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