Incontinence and the pelvic floor

From West 4th Physiotherapy associate Jennifer Macpherson

Jennifer MacPherson attended the Continence and Pelvic Floor Re-education in the
Female Patient Course at Women’s Hospital recently. The course was put on by
three very experienced pelvic floor physiotherapists named Pat Lieblich, Penny
Wilson and Suzanne Thompson.

“I found the course had an incredible amount of information. I also now
understand  the huge need for pelvic floor physiotherapists to help identify
women with pelvic floor issues ranging from stress incontinence to pelvic organ
prolapse. I have realized the important role a physiotherapist can play in
assisting women in improving their continence, strength and control of the
pelvic floor. It can help women get back to things they have been avoiding such
as running.”

If you feel you need help in addressing continence issues physiotherapy can be a great help. For more information, please contact the clinic for a private consult with Jennifer or
Marnie Giblin, also at West 4th Physio who has been doing pelvic floor physiotherapy for the past 4 years.

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