Functional Sports Screen – a muscle balancing act

At the beginning of the season it is worthwhile doing a Functional Sports Screen before starting to ramp up your training. It involves testing critical sports motion patterns, required joint flexibility and necessary muscle strengths and lengths. Any deficiencies found put you at risk of injury as you increase your training.

Using the results of your assessment, which is done by a physiotherapist, you can learn the specific areas you need to target to have the best chance of avoiding injury.

Athletes who are engaged in high repetition sports tend to benefit the most from screening. Small problems will compound over time and repetition to become real injuries. For cyclists we pay particular attention to uncovering issues in the feet, knees,hips, low back and shoulders. Having this knowledge at your fingertips you will be able to deal with any underlying issues in strength, flexibility or stability which may cause injury later in the season and your physio can work with you on a corrective exercise program.  Normally these exercises can be easily rolled into your regular training routine and can make a great difference to your overall cycling technique and general posture.

Consider doing this assessment early in the season and in particular if you work at a desk job. Cycling puts you in a bent over and crouched position for a long time, tending to reinforce, not correct the typical desk posture.

Keep the rubber side down and ride safely.

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