Managing pregnancy related pelvic pain

Pregnancy pain

From West 4th Physiotherapy associate Jennifer MacPherson

Jennifer MacPherson attended Cecile Rost’s  and Susannah Britnell’s course this past weekend. Cecile is a physiotherapist in the Netherlands and specialises in the area of pregnancy related pelvic pain This post graduate study course teaches new methods for relieving sacroiliac and pubic pain during and after pregnancy.

A frequent problem in pregnancy is pain in and around the pelvic musculature and joints. Clinicians were able to learn and share practical advice for teaching pregnant women how to manage their activities of daily life from turning in bed to walking with ease in order to both minimise and correct pelvic pain disorders. The course also presented their approach to treating pelvic pain with symmetry and stabilization exercises which can be taught to clients for home use.  The treatment approach has been proven to work with thousands of women in Holland with pelvic girdle pain, symphysis pubic pain both pre and post partum. Jennifer is looking forward to putting the information into use with her current and future clients.If you have a question for Jen please contact her at the clinic and feel free to leave a comment on this post!

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