Tapering for a half marathon


This post is prepared by West 4th Physiotherapy associate and runner Suzanne Foster


Suzanne Foster

Tapering Tips – Half Marathon Distance

1) Your last long run should be two weeks from race day. This allows the body to fully RECOVER from all those hard earned miles and to reap the physiological benefits of the increased mileage. This run is a great time to practice your fuel/hydration/warm up strategy for the race, what you are going to wear, what are you going to eat the night before the race as well as testing out your pre-race meal, and don’t forget to wear the shoes you intend to wear on race day
2) Decrease VOLUME of training: 20% two weeks prior, 10% MORE one week from race
3) Keep up the FREQUENCY: now is the time for shorter, easy runs/workouts, keeping up the rhythm you maintained during training
4) Your last SPEED workout should be about 10 days prior to race day giving the body plenty of time to repair. This type of training causes tissue damage and should be kept at a minimum during your taper
5) HYDRATE, HYDRATE, HYDRATE! Starting one week prior to race. This is not the time to cut back on hydration OR nutrition despite the reduction in training volume. Start using electrolytes at least 3-4 days prior
6) Don’t try anything new. Keep your routine going while trying to minimize stress, get adequate amounts of sleep, and engage in healthy activities that you enjoy to calm your mind and ease pre-race jitters
7) Give yourself a pat on the back. The hard work is done. Now go and have some fun!

Suzanne 4Suzanne Foster is an experienced runner and sports physiotherapist with post graduate expertise in running injury treatment and prevention. She is a long standing associate at West 4th Physiotherapy.

She is the 2015 5 Peaks Women’s Champion.

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