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With the current physical distancing requirements you may have been working from home. You might even be spending a lot more time at the computer! Here are some suggestions to help with posture and computer related back ache.

1) Think about your work position.
Get yourself seated well back into a chair that has good support. (A rolled towel in the small of the back makes a great back support). For those on the shorter side, use a footrest. Dangly feet will pull you forward over time, away from the support for your back. A ball to sit on seems like a good idea because it invites you to move but it does mean you need to be an active sitter. No slouching!

2) Get up and move every 30 minutes
Our bodies are made to move. Be sure to get up out of that sitting position often; no more than 20-30 minutes of continuous sitting at one time! You can also try alternating your feet on the footrest by putting just one foot up on the rest at a time. Doing this changes the position of the pelvis just enough to help stop any pain from starting. If you do find that you are getting sore it’s ok to lie down for 10 minutes. The best position for most people to get spinal rest is on your back with your knees bent. Using a long roller for a few minutes gives excellent mid back relief. If you don’t have a roller, roll up some towels and stack them end to end. Instant roller!
Pro tip: Don’t lie on your stomach for long periods if you have low back pain as it tends to jam the low back over time. If you have to lie on your stomach, or you choose to do so, put a couple of pillows under your pelvic area to make the position more friendly.


3) Use a footrest for prolonged standing:
If you like to work while standing, try putting one foot up onto something like a step or a thick book. This simple move changes the position of your pelvis and alters the pull on your back. Change feet as you need to, keep your stomach muscles a little firm and your pelvis level.  If you have always sat for work then don’t suddenly go to standing only and consider using an anti fatigue mat to stand on to ease the feet. It takes time to train yourself into a standing work space so sit, lie or walk for short periods to change it up whenever you feel the need.

If you’re not sure what’s causing that pain, get in touch with us to schedule a 1-to-1 Online Video Therapy session in the comfort of your home. Contact MaryAnn or Carmen at 6047309478 and they will book your session with your therapist. We are open for your call 8am to 4pm Monday to Friday.
Once we know a little more detail about your exact situation we can advise you on even more positions of comfort and what home exercise techniques you can use to feel better.
Stay well everyone!

Your team at West 4th Physiotherapy

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