Foot and Ankle update

Last night I was able to attend an excellent evening with both physiotherapy and surgical colleagues and thanks to both Dale Harris of Sportsmed and the Paris group for hosting.

foot anatomySt Paul’s hospital has a rapid access specialty foot and ankle clinic and this was an opportunity to hear, observe and ask questions first hand from the surgeons and staff involved. Straight after surgery, patients will have their care within the hospital but around the 2 week mark most patients end up at clinics like West 4th for ongoing management. These regular evenings help all involved to be on the same page with what is the latest and greatest in current injury management standards and what is changing in the treatment protocol to improve ultimate outcomes . It’s good for us as professional healthcare workers and great for you as patients to know that your care is managed by an effective and up to date team approach, even if we’re not all in the same building.

Topics covered included the latest in management for non recovering or complicated ankle sprain, achilles tendon issues, achilles ruture and plantar fascitis.

Access to the St Paul’s clinic is by Dr’s referral. Through careful assessment and communication, your physiotherapist can help your family physician with that recommendation.

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