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Does your bike fit?

Does your bike fit?

In early March my colleague Jen Mcpherson and I rolled on down to Seattle to attend an intensive 2 day workshop on bike fitting. Jen is an avid multisport athlete who has completed multiple Ironman competitions and marathons and I’m a keen recreational road cyclist so our interest  in learning the process of getting a rider to the best possible position for comfort and power comes from the heart. This was an excellent course with both days full of hands on fitting experience. Thanks to the volunteers who attended and … Read the rest of this post »

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Healthy running

Healthy running

This running tip was specifically written for Vancouver Frontrunners and comes from Suzanne Foster, a Physiotherapist with West 4th Physiotherapy( whose practice is heavily focused on runners. Thanks Suzanne! Start off on the right foot! Did you know that 50% of runners are injured every year? Even now with all the advanced technology out there dedicated with perfecting the running shoe and the time and money spent on different kinds of treatment, the incidence is still increasing!  We all know that whether you are an athlete, runner, or jogger, at … Read the rest of this post »

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Thoughts on static stretching…

Thoughts on static stretching...

In the 1970’s the running boom came and all over North America people got out  and started a pursuit that has paid terrific health dividends for them over the ensuing years. Back then, popular thought had it that it was necessary to stretch all the major sporting muscle groups before your activity. Being more flexible would offer greater efficiency of motion and prevent injury. If you failed to stretch, injury was pretty much guaranteed, or so the thinking went. There was only one way to stretch and that was what … Read the rest of this post »

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Does joint pain actually damage?

Does joint pain actually damage?

Often I am consulted in the clinic for assessment and treatment of joint pain that has come on without any major trauma. The commonest cause for wear and tear type joint pain is osteoarthrosis (also called osteoarthritis) or degenerative joint disease. Osteoarthritis is the most common form of arthritis and results in the slow destruction of joint cartilage, the springy joint tissue which caps the bone ends and acts as both a shock absorber and bumper. As the cartilage thins,wears and breaks away the joint surfaces roughen, resulting in a … Read the rest of this post »

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Trouble in high heels…

Trouble in high heels...

  It’s summer on the west coast. Here in Vancouver, BC, the sun shines and most of us take vacation of some sort (hence the lack of posts over the past few weeks). But of course I’m not the only one who gets to take a break. Many of my fashionable clients (you know who you are) do the same thing, ditching their habitual high heels for something altogether flatter and more modest. For most people it’s a fairly easy transition with barely a whimper from their perpetually tight calf muscles. … Read the rest of this post »

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Knee update… The ACL and it’s link to osteoarthrosis

Knee update... The ACL and it's link to osteoarthrosis

I recently had the opportunity to join my collegues Dean and Matt at the “Recent Advances in Clinical Sports Medicine” Conference. This year the knee and hip were the focus. Of particular interest to me was the latest information in regards to the ACL deficient knee, as I see quite a few ACL injuries in the clinic. Typically the ACL is injured when the knee is forced into excessive rotation (for example in soccer when the foot is planted and the leg gets twisted, especially in a bent position). Unfortunately in these situations … Read the rest of this post »

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