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Dynamic Stretching

Following on form the last post on stretching this post will concentrate on alternatives to the static stretch. For a long time, flexibility has been considered a fundamental part of health and fitness and it has been the aim of all sorts of exercise programs to have as their primary goal an increase in flexibility. Unfortunately, after years of research, there has been no correlation shown between static stretching and a reduction in the frequency of athletic injury. So what to do? There has been a slow recognition … Read the rest of this post »

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Trouble in high heels…

  It’s summer on the west coast. Here in Vancouver, BC, the sun shines and most of us take vacation of some sort (hence the lack of posts over the past few weeks). But of course I’m not the only one who gets to take a break. Many of my fashionable clients (you know who you are) do the same thing, ditching their habitual high heels for something altogether flatter and more modest. For most people it’s a fairly easy transition with barely a whimper from their perpetually tight calf muscles. … Read the rest of this post »

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Exercise for osteoporosis

While reading and researching for the other posts in the Osteoporosis category, , I came across an interesting article outlining the results of a strength training program from the University of Arizona. I am often asked in my clinical work exactly which exercises are able to reliably build bone mass. The difficulty for researchers, in pinning down exactly which exercises are best at building bone density, has been a variability in results. Multiple studies have shown that aerobics, weight bearing, and resistance exercises can all maintain or increase BMD in … Read the rest of this post »

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Pre and post natal fitness

 Recently I attended a pre and postnatal specialist certification program in which I had the opportunity to work with other health and wellbeing professionals.  The course was put on by Fit 4 Two – an organization founded by Melanie Osmack- a dynamic pre and post natal fitness specialist, trainer, developer, presenter, and writer. The course covered prenatal anatomy and physiology, fitness guidelines, strength and core exercises for pregnancy, labour and beyond, as well as class planning and personal training.  I was amazed at the changes that a woman’s body goes … Read the rest of this post »

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