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Low Back pain and specific exercise

  Following on from my last post on low back pain treatment options where we considered the use of manipulation, today we’ll look at some specific types of exercise Stabilization Exercises If your physiotherapist finds three or more of the following factors then a good choice for treatment would be stabilization or core exercises.  The factors associated with success in this treatment group were: age less than 40, presence of abnormal active movement patterns, straight leg raise of more than 90 degrees and a positive lumbar prone instability test.  The … Read the rest of this post »

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Low back pain and manipulation

  I recently participated in an excellent teleconference sponsored by the Canadian Physiotherapy Association and presented by Eric Parent, physiotherapist and researcher with the University of Alberta.  The title was “The treatment-based classification system for low back pain: Updated with a prediction rule to identify responders to extension exercises”.   The topic was using research to predict which clients are most likely to respond to spinal manipulation, stabilization or “core exercises”, traction and extension (backward bending) exercises. The good news is that research supports what physiotherapists have said for many years. … Read the rest of this post »

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