Saranne Drew

Registered Physiotherapist Level 3 Manual Therapist, CGIMS, Med Acupuncture

I Graduated from Bath School of Physiotherapy in the UK I have extensive experience with Orthopedic and Sports injuries. I enjoy treating the middle age to elderly athlete and patients. Over the years I have helped many elder athletes keep up their Sports well into their 80s. Including a Marathon runner in her late 80s. My belief is no one is too old to lead an Active Lifestyle. I am a great motivator for people that want to become active but are inhibited due to joint pain and fear of pain. In my many years of Practice I have done many courses on Muscle Imbalance, Sacro iliac joint and spinal disorders with associated muscle dysfunction, Part A Manual Therapy exams, Running Injuries, Pregnancy related Back Pain and Osteoporosis plus many more. I always incorporate Manual Therapy, exercise, IMS and education into each individual Patient’s Treatment Plan. I have a passion for Patient Centered Treatment to help you to achieve your goals no matter what your age.