Marj Belot

I would like to express my appreciation and gratitude for Marj’s assistance and expertise. I had a complicated vestibular issue that had me compromised for two months. After Marj’s assistance my balance has completely returned. Marj I cannot thank you enough! Lynn Superstein
I am writing to let you know how great my experience with Marj has been. She is respectful and takes an approach to my health which incorporates the psychological side of healing from chronic pain as well as the physical side, which is something I had previously not seen in my physiotherapists. When I came to Marj in January as per the suggestion of my parents who have both had amazing successes with her and call her “miracle Marj,” I started to have improvement right away and she showed such an expertise of the nature of chronic pain including psychological factors that I felt like I was in good hands right away. Although I am not where I would like to be, I am confident that Marj is the best physiotherapist available and I am in the best hands. Now rather than telling me to come on a set basis or follow her treatment plan, she tells me to come in when I feel I need to because I am the expert, and always spends the appointment addressing my questions, She never wastes my time/energy on treatment approaches that I would not buy into, and makes sure I am fully informed, including recommending educational resources. My boyfriend and his mom have since come to see Marj, and I would highly recommend her to anyone. As an aspiring doctor I also learn from her approaches to people like myself experiencing significant health issues. Louise
I only have experience with the wonderful reception staff and the physiotherapist Marj, but I have nothing but good things to say. Making appointments, rescheduling, and all of those things that can easily turn into a hassle are a breeze here. Their organizational systems are topnotch, and I’ve always had luck calling at short notice to get an appointment worked in. They are honest and transparent, something I really value. In regards to the physio itself, you are rarely kept waiting long after your scheduled time. Punctuality is emphasized here. Marj is extremely experienced, but remains humble and always listens before weighing in with her expertise. I’ve been coming back again and again each time life throws another curve ball at me (lower back injuries, car crashes, etc.) and she’s sorted me out time and time again. My body is still intact in large part due to her skill. Thank you West 4th Physio! DS
I first came to work with Marj Belot and West 4th Physiotherapy in 2011 after suffering an injury and developing back issues that several doctors, a massage therapist and a physiotherapist at another clinic all failed to diagnose. After a thorough intake consultation, Marj examined the injured area and within moments had identified the problem. From that point forward, after months of pain, I felt relief for the first time — the beginning of my road to recovery. Working with Marj over the next few months, things gradually improved to the point where I could finally resume my typical activities, including running, cycling and swimming. Through the recovery period, which had its ups and downs, Marj was extremely understanding, providing a wealth of information and knowledge to allay my concerns, and demonstrating genuine caring. I only wish I had discovered Marj and West 4th sooner, and have recommended her and the clinic to others! Andrew T.
The first time I met Marj was 7 years ago, when she stuck IMS needles into the bottom of my foot for Plantar Fasciitis. Numerous sport injuries later, she is still my first option for recovery. She holds a masters degree, and teaches in her spare time, so she is at the forefront of innovated physiotherapy techniques. Her skill with IMS and acupuncture techniques always gives me relief for pain and stiffness. On a personal note, she was instrumental in getting me back to work following a serious car accident and I thank her for her caring and compassion. LL (Ironman finisher and ultra runner)
In 2008, I was desperately looking for someone to help me with painful sacroiliac (back) pain that was interfering with my work, as a physician, and also with all my activities. After three disappointing experiences with physiotherapists, I turned to Paris Orthotics. The salesperson mentioned that a local physiotherapist recommends a pelvic belt/brace, which she showed me. I bought it and asked her for the physiotherapist’s name and clinic. It was Marj. I saw her 2 weeks later and began a 5 year journey of rehabilitation. At the time I could barely swim 200 meters because of knee and back pain, walk 15-20 minutes on the flat every other day, and work for 3-4 hours alternate days. I had acute early onset osteoarthritis affecting my spine, knees, wrist and feet. I found Marj to be very skilled at gentle effective manipulation. But my back and neck kept ‘going out’ (rotating out of alignment). Over time, she taught me to recognize what level of my spine or sacroiliac joint rotated and how to correct it on my own with daily exercises that she taught me. In the beginning, my sacroiliac joint or lumbar spine required adjustment a dozen times a day. As my core strength improved, it improved. I would see Marj intermittently to progress with strengthening and when I didn’t succeed with my own re-alignment. Sometimes I benefited from her acupuncture and IMS skills. Over the past 5 years, Marj also saw me through wrist surgery and a total knee replacement. After the immediate surgical rehab, I returned to Marj to move forward with my fitness. This fall I reached my goals. I’m back on my bicycle (after 7 years). I swim 1 km twice a week, walk an hour several days a week and workout at the gym 2 times a week. And even more thrilling, I just got the ‘green’ light to return to easy/safe skiing! All that’s needed now is snow! Apart from her many excellent skills as a physiotherapist, at the peak of her profession, I appreciate Marj’s calm and encouraging demeanour and her teaching skills. I never expected to get back to this level of activity. But she kept encouraging me to persist and progress with the exercises. Slow and steady wins the (personal) race. In fact, I’ve decided not to retire, quite yet. M