Welcome to our library of patient resources. Here you will find information on specific conditions and training programs that we have found proven and beneficial. Use them as directed and remember to consult with one of our therapists if you have any questions.

W4PT Run Walk program A program to take a healthy beginner from walking to running the equivalent of the Sun Run. If you have any health concerns, first visit your family doctor to get an OK to proceed. Remember to warm up with 5 minutes of brisk walking and cool down with 5 minutes of relaxed walking.

Clinical Pilates  Clinical Pilates is the combination of the Pilates exercise method and traditional physiotherapy to produce a safe exercise system with broad applications.
Taught by West 4th Physio associate Karen Forsman, your clinical pilates program will be exercise rehabilitation tailored to your injuries and needs.

Technical Running Drills Once you are comfortable with the Run Walk program you can continue to improve your running ability by adding these technical drills into your weekly training efforts. They will help improve leg strength, balance and will add stamina in side to side motion, something that is lacking in many runners and often contributes to injury.

W4PT Bike Fit A necessary part of being comfortable and efficient on your bike is how the bike is adjusted to meet your body dynamics. We have two certified bike fitters on staff, Matt Powell and Jen Macpherson. This brochure outlines what is involved and what you need to bring to your Bike fit session.

Healthy Computer Habits How should your desk and workspace be set up to provide you with the healthiest postural environment? This simple brochure, produced from clinical experience and using resources of the Canadian Physiotherapy Association, gives you important guidelines to follow. Feel free to print or email it on if you think someone you know might benefit.

Backpacks for children Looking for advice on selecting a backpack for your child? This brochure will give you advice on what to look for both in selection for good fit and in safe use. Again I have used resources of the Canadian Physiotherapy Association and the experience of fitting my own children.

These are the most recent activity guidelines published by Health Canada. I have divided them by age for children (5 to 11), children (12 to 18), adults and seniors.

Canadian Activity Guidelines, Children 5 to 11 years

Canadian Activity Guidelines, Children 12 to 18

Canadian Exercise Guidelines, Adult 18 to 64

Canadian Activity Guidelines, Seniors over 65

Fall prevention This brochure is produced by the Canadian Physiotherapy Association and has excellent information for helping to prevent falls around the home. Please feel free to send it on to anyone you think it may help.