Fees are effective September 2021

Fees vary depending on the type of appointment:

Private fees and therapist scheduling

Standard visits:

  • Private Initial visit: $90.00
  • Subsequent regular: $82.00

Extended time visits: usually needed for

For complex cases,

  • multiple areas and needling (IMS, acupuncture) $105.00
  •   vertigo/dizziness appointments – $155 to $205

Please note:

  • The following therapists work on a 30 minute schedule ($105) – Jennifer Macpherson, Peter Francis, Suzanne Hood, Suzanne Calli, and Dean Smith.
  • For Marj Belot please consult with our office staff
  • Bikefit with Jen Macpherson or Matt Powell: $240.00. Please allow 2 hours for your fit

Extended Health Plans vary but can cover up to 100% of fees for physiotherapy. There may be an annual dollar maximum. Check with your plan for:

  1. Specific coverage details and limits.
  2. Whether a referral from a physician is required to claim reimbursement.


We ask 24 hours notice for cancellations. Your appointment time has been reserved for you. Please note that a $50 charge will be made for missed appointments.


for approved claims effective April 1 2019
  • Standard appointment:  No charge
  • Extended: $25.00


  • No Charge

There is no fee for accepted WSBC claims. However please note that if your claim is not accepted and treatment has commenced you will be responsible for the full payment of all fees.


  • Initial $53.00
  • Subsequent $43.00