Throughout these Covid challenged times we are continuing to make your health and safety our first priority. 

To all of our wonderful clients and those we are yet to meet.  We are continuing with full masking and sanitation practices made necessary by Covid-19 to keep you safe.

  • Covid-19 Health screen — your appointment reminder will include a 5 point health screen check. Anyone answering YES to the screening questions will NOT be eligible for in-person appointments and is asked to contact the clinic to arrange a virtual appointment.
  • Plexiglass screening has been built at the front desk and all staff will be wearing face masks. Hand sanitizer is available for you at the front desk and in every room.
  • Staff PPE — Your therapist will be wearing a mask and we have both long and short gowns available if needed.
  • Client PPE – please wear a mask for your appointment. If you do not have one we will supply one for you at no cost.
  • Separated entry and exit — Our larger space means we are able to separate entry and exit doors so that we have a one way flow in the clinic. You can easily maintain a 2 metre space on arrival and departure.
  • Staggered arrivals — we continue to limit capacity with a smaller number of therapists working staggered schedules so that clients come into the clinic at least 10 minutes apart. It will help everyone to stay safe if you can arrive 5 minutes ahead of your appointment time. Your clean room will be ready for you.
  • No waiting — Again, we are fortunate to have a large clinic space with separate treatment rooms. You will be directed to your freshly cleaned room and meet your therapist there.
  • Your therapist will only be with you. Appointment times are all based on 30, 45 or 60 minutes and your therapist will not be in with other clients during your visit.
  • Cleaning Protocols — All unnecessary furnishings and magazines have been removed from the clinic. A rigorous sanitation and disinfection schedule both within the client rooms and for the gym space and equipment is in place after every appointment.
  • In clinic distancing — Gym space settings have been arranged to allow you to keep a 2m space.
  • Virtual service is valuable and will continue. If it is exercise progression or mobility advice you need then consider doing your appointment from your home. We have a lot of experience with this over the past months and it works very well.

Covid-19 Health Screen Self check

  • I  have had fever, chills, cough, shortness of breath, sore throat and/or painful swallowing, loss of taste or smell, muscle aches, fatigue or loss of appetite.
  • I am under the direction of the Provincial Health Officer to self-isolate
  • I have been in contact with a confirmed COVID-19 case within the past 14 days

Anyone answering YES will NOT be eligible for in-person appointments. Please contact the office at 604-730-9478  to rearrange your appointment time or change to a virtual appointment.

—The team at West 4th Physiotherapy

Welcome to West 4th Physio, a leading physiotherapy clinic in Kitsilano, Vancouver.

From our home in the heart of Kitsilano at 4th and Vine, we have been proudly serving Kits and the West side of Vancouver with physiotherapy and rehabilitation services since 1994. Our dedicated team of professionals will make sure that your experience with us is both pleasant and successful at all stages of your care. Access is easy, with ample free underground parking and convenient elevators to our clinic on the 2nd level. We welcome new patients at any time and look forward to seeing you in the clinic.

Our Commitment To You

We will provide you with the best in physiotherapy care by listening carefully, assessing thoroughly and helping you with the physical plan you need for mobility both now and in the future. When you need a physiotherapist, we can help with precise, personal and professional care.

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