Bike fitting

Correct bike set-up is where you will find both comfort and power.

If the angles of your body are off in relation to your bike you can painfully strain and aggravate muscles tendons and joints, particularly if you have had previous injury. Matt Powell and Jen Macpherson are experienced sports physiotherapists and active cyclists. Both have done specific training in bike fit method and have helped many cyclists achieve better comfort on their bikes. This fit will include measures of your specific biometrics such as joint flexibility and muscle length which if less than ideal, may compromise your ability to achieve a comfortable and efficient cycling position. Fitting is by special appointment and done at the clinic. Expect to spend around 2 hours for a full fit

Cost $240.00

Learn more about the fitting process here: W4PT-Bike-Fit1.pdf

From Our Clients…

Hi Jen, I just wanted to touch base on the bike fit… It’s made all the difference in the world! No knee pain at all, I feel much more connected to the bike and that I’m cycling much more efficiently. I haven’t replaced my bars yet, not the budget to do it this season, but will do it for next year’s cycling season. Thank you so much – I’ve been singing your praises to all my cycling friends and highly recommending that they take the time to come and see you.Kim D.

Jennifer, thank you for the bike fitting. My back no longer feels the aches which used to shorten my rides. My knees are no longer sore now that the misalignment that was there before is improved. After the fitting you suggested I check in with you to see if further adjustments needed to be made. So far, so good! Thank you again.John R.

Matt, the bike fit you did made a huge difference and my bike felt so comfortable and fast. I completed Ironman Canada in Whistler last weekend. I had a really fantastic day. It was a tough slog, but from fairly early in the ride, I had great confidence that I could get it done. I was worried about how my back would hold up on the ride, and while I had some stiffness, overall, it went incredibly well. The course was tough, with a lot of climbing, but as I had expected, this played well for me, as the climbing gave my back a rest. Honestly, I had the ride of my life, and given a slightly low amount of training on the bike, I don’t think I could have ridden any better.Matt Brown

Hi Matt, I just wanted to let you know that I did the Vancouver Tri yesterday, Sprint distance and have no back pain today!!! So happy! Thanks for all your help!Jen Short